8 Top Things Every Wedding Limo Should Have Inside

A wedding is a rather stressful (but always a really pleasant) event that requires a unique memory and organizational skills. It’s extremely hard to plan everything correctly, remember to rent a limo to impress your guests and still have fun. Between all the running, it’s easy to miss something crucial. All of those tiny details could be packed into a wedding limo in advance and save a bride or a groom from any sort of unpleasantries.

Things That Every Bride/Groom Need in Their Limo

  1. Water.
    It’s important to stay hydrated, plus when you have to do all the talking and give commands, you’ll need a sip of water. Packing a bottle or two is a good idea.
  2. Snacks.
    If you’re going for a long ride or so, it’s crucial to take a bite on the road. Being hungry during a long ceremony or photoshoot isn’t the best idea. Anyway, a nut bar or cereal bar could save you from feeling uncomfortable.
  3. Caffeine.
    Anything goes here. Probably a bride had a tough night before, planning and thinking, so a caffeine pill or candy will do.
  4. Advil.
    Stress can easily make your head hurt or cause any other aches in your body. Advil or Tylenol should always be close to you, so nothing has a chance of spoiling your ceremony.
  5. Gum/mints.
    Everyone wants their breath to stay fresh and minty, but with eating, stress, nervousness it probably won’t be that way. However, a gum or a refreshing spray could save the day and they won’t take much space.
  6. Allergy medication.
    That’s when you can never know. Not everyone actually knows about their allergies, and there might be something in a limo or costume that might provoke it. That’s why packing some basic meds will never hurt anyone.
  7. Scissors.
    There might be a string, something to cut, a nail coming loose, so scissors never hurt.
  8. Band-aid.
    Most likely those expensive white shoes a bride buys for her wedding are not as comfortable as she tries to make them seem. Plus, any other guest might have a blister or a cut, so a band-aid is a cheap and proved way to help the people around.

If you pack all that into a wedding limo, you’ll be totally safe from any issues that might arise while you’re riding. A wedding is a big day that should be planned out accordingly and it’s something that can’t be ruined. There is nothing worse than a sick guest or a sharp headache that can spoil everything and make everyone feel uncomfortable.