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Chauffeur Etiquette: Valuable Tips for Limo Drivers

There are differences between a chauffeur and a simple driver, and those are especially noticeable for a passenger. Any limousine rental service offers professional chauffeurs, who are not only experienced in driving, but also possess manners and share an ethical system. If you want to try yourself as a chauffeur, or as a passenger you want to understand if you are treated correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with a professional code of chauffeurs.

Basics of Chauffeuring

  • A driver has to know their car.
    Chauffeurs are expected to be familiar with a car they drive, but most of them alternate those on a regular basis. Before a chauffeur arrives to a client’s place, they have to make sure they understand what do all the buttons means, become familiar with a car and learn the peculiarities of it.
  • Chauffeurs will always get the door.
    This really gets tricky when a limo driver tries to open the doors for many people, but an experienced chauffeur knows how to handle those situations. What’s really important is always making an attempt to open a door for a client. Even if they tell they’ll do it themselves, a chauffeur should at least try.
  • The client starts the conversation.
    Before a ride, a professional chauffeur always asks a few short questions (e.g. to find if the temperature is right), but they don’t speak, initiate a small talk or start chit-chatting. Sometimes clients are up for a conversation, but in that case, they have to initiate it themselves.
  • A chauffeur is never late.
    It’s a duty to always arrive before a client, so about 15 minutes early. A huge limo waiting for longer than 15 minutes doesn’t look good, but being late is never permissible. It’s really important to remember that arriving early doesn’t mean pulling up to a client’s drive lane 15 minutes early. Most companies allow a chauffeur to pull up 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Private means private.
    A chauffeur will never tell anyone what you spoke of in a car. A real chauffeur is silent, numb and deaf unless a client needs them to be different. But private information always stays private, otherwise, that chauffeur could be fired easily. It’s the biggest violation of the Chauffeur’s code.
  • A chauffeur is only allowed a silent nod.
    When a client in a limo is doing their last-minute things or talking to someone, it would be impossible to envision a situation when a chauffeur would talk to another chauffeur or greet a friend. The maximum allowed is a silent node to a fellow chauffeur, but not more.
  • My name is … and I’ll be your chauffeur today.”
    Greetings are really important in this job and a good chauffeur will always introduce themselves, make sure that a client is a right person before they go any further. It’s a required procedure for any driver, no matter how long they have been in this field.

This simple code, those element manners are required for any chauffeuring company. It’s the exact reason why chauffeuring is considered to be prestigious. It’s more than driving or taking a person from one place to another, it requires manners, style and the sense of honor. Not everyone could become a chauffeur, as the job basically means putting a client’s needs first and forgetting about the personal things.